Symptoms Of Acute Stress Disorder Essay

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Michelle has exhibited symptoms of acute stress disorder after her automobile accident. Michelle has not reported any prior issues leading to the accident. She has experienced issues currently lasting 2 months, such as anxiety and repressed memories. According to the DSM-IV-TR checklist for posttraumatic stress disorder (Pg. 157), she had experienced an automobile accident involving serious injury to herself, which resulted in temporary hospitalization. After the incident, the patient states that she had not been herself ever since. Michelle has not provided any information on previous distresses or complications. After the automobile accident, Michelle developed a sense of helplessness. Michelle is unable to cope with the stress of hypothetically dying and leaving her children motherless. The event resulted in recurrent distressing recollections, recurrent distressing dreams, distress caused by the reminders of the event, and physical arousal produced by the reminders of the event. Michelle reports that the traumatic event leads to her waking up in the middle of the night perspiring and having a accelerated heart beat after a night terror of the automobile accident on a frequent basis. Michelle experiences distress over the fear that her life may have ended, leaving her kids without a mother. She reports difficulty sleeping and poor concentration, taking over an hour to fall asleep and feeling under rested in the morning. Michelle’s distress has lasted over a month.…

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