Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression (PPD) is a well-known condition affecting about 3 to 25% of women (Surkan, Gottlieb, McCormick, Hunt, & Peterson, 2012). The problem takes place in the multitude of women do not have the correct information to treat their depression or realize that they are suffering from this condition. Different types of education are proving to be effective in preventing postpartum depression over the standard or universal education given to women. Some styles have proven to be more effective towards preventing PPD than typical universal education given. Focusing on healthy eating, exercise or health locus of controls will provide a more in depth education experience over when physicians or midwives speak on what PPD is and the signs and symptoms of the condition. The focus is on comparing the different types of education and their effectiveness towards preventing PPD to understand why basic education about PPD is not effective in prevention.
Mahdi Moshki, Tahereh Baloochi Beydokhti and Khadeijeh Cheravi conducted research based on education including health locus of control for PPD women. Moshki and Beydokhti are registered nurses (RN) and associate professors at a school of nursing in Iran. Cheravi is a nursing student participating in the research conduction. In another study, Sherry Farr, Charles Denk, Elizabeth Dahms and Patricia Dietz evaluated the universal education for PPD in the state of New Jersey to understand the effectiveness of the standard education…

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