Symptoms And Treatment Of Geriatric Patients Essay

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As individuals age, it is likely that they will require some form of medication to treat the development of health conditions. Health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and high cholesterol, are more likely to occur. Most of these conditions require the administration of pharmacology. Geriatric patients are therefore more likely to be on medications, and often on multiple medications at once, a condition called polypharmacy. Age-related changes in the human body makes it more susceptible to the medications. As a result the geriatric population should be carefully managed. Elderly patients are more likely to be on multiple medications on a daily basis. Polypharmacy refers to the use of four or more medications; the term commonly refers to individuals greater than sixty-five years of age (Bland, n.d.). Oftentimes, health care workers use the term to refer to the over-prescription of medication in this age group. Polypharmacy is a concern because the various medications may interact with each other in adverse ways. Since elderly patients often see more than one health care provider, they may have duplicate medications or medications that are antagonistic when combined. Due to these issues, it is recommended that a patient only use one pharmacy. However, in reality, the treatment of a multiple health issues requires multiple medications (Bland, n.d.). Unfortunately, at the time in the life span when an individual likely increases the…

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