Symptoms And Treatment Of Copd Essay

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Patient, a 71-year-old, retired truck driver, presented to Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) due to an exacerbation of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) of 2 days presenting as dyspnea on the background of 5-year history of COPD with 1 or 2 exacerbations a year, previous peripheral venous insufficiency with ulcers, previous solitary pulmonary nodule and an ex-smoker with 100 pack-year history. Initial examination presented with respiratory rate of 22 breaths/minute, oxygen saturation of 94%, dull percussion at lower zones bilaterally, regular lump at the back midline and near the shoulder.

Presenting Complaint

Patient had presented to GP (general practitioner) a week ahead for dyspnea and had only worsen. Patient presented to POWH a week later for progressively worsening dyspnea. Patient had no productive coughs, fevers, rigors, night sweats, recent weight loss, and no chest pain. Patient also has no known cardiovascular disease. For the purpose of this assignment patient was seen on day 5 of treatment.

Past Medical History

Patient was diagnosed with COPD 5 years ago and has had 1 to 2 exacerbative episodes every year. Patient has hypertension, was also prescribed with O2 therapy at home but doesn’t use it. Patient had peripheral venous insufficiency with venous ulcers, solitary pulmonary nodule, sessile polyp of rectum, distal sigmoid pedunculated polyp, proximal descending colon pedunculated polyp, distal ascending colon perdunculated polyp (all excised) and…

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