Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of Insomnia

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Some people may think that they have insomnia because they have trouble sleeping at night or they feel as if they can’t sleep at all. Insomnia is a complicated condition in which falling asleep or staying asleep is difficult. The word insomnia is Latin and means “no sleep”. Waking up often and having trouble going back to sleep characterize it. There are two types of insomnia, primary and secondary insomnia, in primary this means that an individual is having problems sleeping but it is not directly associated with any other health condition or problem. In the secondary state this is where sleeping is still a problem but it deals with a health condition such as asthma, depression or heartburn. Medication can be a cause of secondary insomnia as well, like having high blood pressure, the common cold and nasal allergies. Some of the symptoms that may occur while having this sleeping disorder are sleepiness during the day, irritability and problems with concentration or memory. The duration of insomnia is important; physicians consider it chronic if it occurs at least three nights per week for three months or longer. Having this disorder can have an impact on your cognitive process by causing the person to have learning disabilities in children and cognitive memory problems in adults.
They produce impaired ability to perform their activities of daily living and will have problems with memory, reason and problem solving. Sometimes insomnia can last only a few days and go away…

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