Symptoms And Symptoms Of An Anxiety Episode Essay

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Imagine arriving at the office feeling the following: headaches, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating, and shallowness of breath, rapid heartbeat, light-headedness and feeling faint. Feeling like this, all one probably wants is to crawl under the covers nursing a steamy hot cup of tea. And, if one reports this illness to others at work, chances are, the employee would be asked to go home to self-care. However, what if, instead of a cold or flu, these are actually signs and symptoms of an anxiety episode? Would the first urge in our culture be brushing the feelings aside and engaging in self talk to “tough it out?” Imagine that if the experience is felt by our son or daughter at the university, and the anxiety is triggered by an important test. In spite of the compassion towards them, the students cannot be told by teachers or loved ones to just go home. How challenging it must be for these students! And what a great impact these repeated experiences must have on these students’ development as young people!

Some anxiety is healthy, normal and often helpful to help student stay focused during a test. But too much anxiety can be physically and emotionally distressful, leading to difficulty with concentration and memory. Worrying and preoccupation would impair student’s thinking. Test anxiety is prevalent. Research suggests that between 25 and 40% of students experience test anxiety. I remember once walking into an elevator and seeing a fellow student red faced and sobbing,…

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