Common Core: A Nationwide Tragedy

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Common Core: A Nationwide Tragedy Common core began in 2009 as a set of standards created to get every student in the country on the exact same level. Common core was largely written by two men who were hired by the Gates Foundation, these men had no experience in K-12 teaching. The federal government believes that common core will unite the educational systems of the states and bring the students of the nation to an educational knowledge peak. Common core is a good idea in theory, but the implementation has led to problematic issues, common core, as it is now, should be demolished.
Common core is a set of high-quality standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). The standards outline what each student should know and
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When a student is forced to learn the exact way as his/her peers, it will damage creativity and independence in the brain. According to the same member of Freedom Works, not all students learn at the same pace (Borowski). When a set of standards is forcing students to all learn the same the slower students are going to fall behind more because the teacher cannot slow down to give students the individual attention that they need to catch up. This is unfair to students because they do not get equal one on one teaching that the other kids get. Colombia University conducted a study that says that standardized tests score children on test performance on one certain day and they don’t take into consideration any external factors (Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing 1). These new standardized tests are causing children to develop test stress and anxiety. Almost 38% of children have developed this form of anxiety. If something has happened in a child’s life with their family or friends or even a change in environment it can hinder their performance on the tests. Students are tested on one single performance and the proctors don’t look at the child’s overall growth; it’s just a bunch of statistics that say that every single kid needs to be at the exact same level of knowledge at the end of the school year. These statistics do not …show more content…
Teachers are so concentrated on getting every single standard taught that they are no longer able to make sure the students are actually learning and retaining the material. According to a Concordia University journal, “…teachers often feel compelled to teach the test” (1). Teaching the tests creates a classroom of no creativity and colorlessness. The performance of teachers and students is currently ranked based on one particular test rather their performance over the entire year. In addition, the act of tying teacher competence to a student’s performance on a single set of tests promotes anxiety in teachers as well. In some cases teachers are considering ways to cheat despite the possibility of prison time. According to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, teachers faced humiliation and fear for their careers if they did not meet testing goals (The Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal 1). The pressures of common core is as harmful for teachers as it is for students. Common core violates the privacy of students and their families by collecting private personal information and sharing it with the federal government. Almost all of peoples’ information is stored electronically, but one problem has been occurring…hacking. EAG News states that hackers have successfully stolen information from sources that were once considered impossible to hack (1). The Department of Education has been aware of common core violating privacy and

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