Common Core : A Nationwide Tragedy Essay

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Common Core: A Nationwide Tragedy Common core began in 2009 as a set of standards created to get every student in the country on the exact same level. Common core was largely written by two men who were hired by the Gates Foundation, these men had no experience in K-12 teaching. The federal government believes that common core will unite the educational systems of the states and bring the students of the nation to an educational knowledge peak. Common core is a good idea in theory, but the implementation has led to problematic issues, common core, as it is now, should be demolished.
Common core is a set of high-quality standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). The standards outline what each student should know and can do at the end of each year. This new path of learning is supposed to better prepare students for college, life, and career. Each state has previously had all different learning standards, thus causing uneven patchwork of highly and poorly educated students across the states. Common core was created to provide a clear and consistent layout of learning standards. Students differ in the way that they learn. Some learn fast, and some learn slow. Some kids learn from lecture while others learn from hands on experience. Common core is not a good system of learning because it does not meet the individual needs of each student. One member of
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Freedom Works Foundation states that, “common core is a one-size-fits-all education…

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