Symbols And Symbols Of A Brand Essay

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Symbols are used by many brands to bring a distinctive image to a consumers mind when in need of a product. The symbol a brand uses must show the customers the meaning behind the brand and the experience the customers have when using the products. The symbol could be as little as something that continually shows up in advertising, or a person that constantly endorses the brand. These symbols are Jared from Subway, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and Ronald McDonald. All these symbols bring to mind a brand what you can expect from that brand. It is important for brands to use symbols that they know will always bring to mind the brand and not anything else. Jared from Subway is no longer Jared from Subway, and Subway has had a massive falling out because of this and must defend their use of him for so many years. (Brand Management- Meaning and Important Concepts) Logos Logos are symbols represented by a graphic or symbol that represents the company. The logo is a simple yet unique picture that is placed on a brands product that lets the customer now what brand they are purchasing. (Logo, Brand Identity, Brand: What is Branding, 2013)The Starbucks logo is placed on cups and bags and is a great branding strategy because those that drink Starbucks and are loyal to their brand do their own form of marketing and share the brand through word of mouth. The parts of a logo are the logotype, the icon, and the slogan. The logo type is the brand name, the icon is the visual, and…

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