Essay Symbolism Of ' Trifles ' And ' Lamb On The Slaughter '

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With every crime there is a motive, In our case the crime is Murder. The motive is not always clear, but it is there. Throughout both stories, there are a vast amount of similarities, differences, and a great deal of symbolism. “Trifles” and “ Lamb to the Slaughter” are both short stories about wives whose husbands mysteriously ended up dead, and it seems that the case justs can 't be cracked. Sometimes Mr.Wright isn 't always Mr.Right. Within the story “Trifles” It is not directly said that Mrs.Wright murdered her husband, however she is high on the suspect list. Why would Minnie want to kill the man she married? What many people outside of their world did not know was that the Wright household was not a world of sunshine. Mr.Wright abused Minnie throughout their majority of their marriage, keeping her from going out and enjoying life. Once upon a time, Minnie use to sing, smile, wear beautiful dresses with ribbons and get all dolled up.When Mrs.Hale found Minnie, she was sitting in a chair rocking back and forth and was pleating her skirt in a suspicious way (Glaspell). This here is a red flag when thinking about body language and its response to emotion. When someone is lying or is suffering from some form of anxiety or mental break, it is common for them to twiddle their fingers and to either rock back and forth or bounce their legs. This red flag is one way that her plan is messy and not put together, she knows that there is a way for her to be caught. Trifles is…

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