Symbolism In Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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The Symbolism behind Who 's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Albee started his career of writing plays in New York where he became renowned for his work and received numerous awards for it. Albee is well known for his dramatic plays which one of them being Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf , which is centered around on the main couple being Martha and George. The couples get drunk and play games, but not ordinary games but games that take a whole new turn in the play. Albee portrays the characteristics of the fundamental aspects of symbolism throughout the play in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? three times which the first one being the representation of alcohol throughout the play, second one being Martha and Georges marriage
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This was displayed when both George and Martha make an insult towards each other but laugh about it afterwards:
Martha. “Well…you’re going bald.”
George.” So are you. (Pause…they both laugh) Hello, honey (Albee )”
This proves that despite their hatred towards each other they seem to find love between each other by using insults. Both George and Martha 's marriage symbolizes a love and hate relationship where they use insults to express their anger towards each other and at the same time they use insults to express their love towards one another. George and Martha relationship can seem like their a fund of each other, if we compare Martha and George with Nick and Honey, Nick seems to care about Honey while Martha and George tend to have verbal fights than physical fighting. The throughout the play both George and Martha make a lot of comments or remarks that is related to children. An example of this would be where Martha makes a comment George when she says: George.” So are you. (Pause…they both laugh) Hello, honey
Martha. Hello. C’mon over here and give your mommy a big sloppy kiss.” (Albee,
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Another example of the symbolism of children would be when Honey is on the bathroom floor from puking and Gorge describes how she looks, “Peaceful…so peaceful… sucking her thumb…rolled up like a fetus” (Albee ). When George saw Honey cradled in a fetus position it remind him of how a child would have looked and that George would have been able to seen it if he had a child. Martha is not the only one that is upset about not having a child, George is upset about as well to the point of where seeing Honey on the floor reminded him of a child. George and Martha of being not able to have a child of their own has really affected both their marriage and themselves, the reader would only realise this towards the end but despite all of this both of them make up for it as they treat each other like children or make comments that relate to children one way or another. Instead of telling the truth that they do not have a child, they use lies and cover up the truth thinking that no one will find out, but near the end Nick had a clue of what was going on between George and

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