Symbolism In Dr Van Helsing

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sleep since her mysterious attack. Garlic is a recurring symbol in the text because it was used as a powerful weapon against evil.
By being under the care and supervision of Dr Van Helsing and the use of the garlic flowers Lucy has found some sort of peace. She felt secure for her fear had vanished for a moment. Stoker makes it clear that Lucy feels protected the following is proof of this, “Dr Van-Helsing has been with me all this bad dreaming seems to have passed away: the noises that used to freighted me out of my wits –the flapping against the windows, the distant voices witch seemed to close to me the harsh sounds that came from I know not where and commanded me to do I know what have all ceased id go to bed without any fear of sleep I don’t even try to keep awake I have grown quite found the garlic” (116)
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Therefore, he embarks on a mission to capture and defeat Dracula. He diagnosed Lucy from her mysterious illness. The treatment he used on her were the use of garlic flowers he hoped the odor might be beneficial to her healing process. “aha I thought I had diagnosed the case my treatment is working” (115). Van Helsing thought the momentary stable condition Lucy was a victory there was finally a solution to Lucy’s illness, he thought Lucy was okay and out of danger. “Ms. Westrna told Dr Van Helsing she was also to be credited to Lucy’s stable condition she told Dr Van Helsing “I feared that the heavy odour would be too much for her the dear child in her weak state so I took them all away and opened to let in a little of fresh air”

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