What Is Personality Characteristic And Intention To Self-Harm?

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. Harrison also explained there are some woman who are not fully aware of their actions. Self-harm to these women were their only way to survive.
‘Self-harm is not just attention seeking; it’s time to talk about the issue’ an article written by Ben Staples describes the personal stories behind this addiction. Lucy for instance, is just one of the few that have suffered from this addiction Ben Staples speaks of. Staples reports at a young age, Lucy was 13 when she found herself having certain thoughts. They occurred on one particular evening when Lucy found herself alone in her family’s Lincolnshire home. “Shall I do it?” Lucy asked herself. “Will it stop the pain?’ Lucy was hurting and did not know how to explain what she was feeling. Few
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The information that was established is those with an eating disorders have obsessive-compulsive symptoms and additive personality disorders. Those who had both addictions were found to self-harm those most. SIB usage was used in this article retaining to Self-injurious Behaviors. SIB self-harming is to find social acceptability, but not to make the body more attractive. The feelings that were gathered of self-harm are feelings of pleasure and acceptance. The report stated they do not feel pain during the cut, but they will after. This is to stimulate brain endorphins. Many forms of SIB are found to develop in other ways than just cutting. This addiction is shown by having multiple levels of causes even within mental disorders and eating disorders (Laukkanen501). While mental disorders can be a cause of this addiction, the cause of young trauma highly influences self-harm. Self-harm as stated start s in early stages of adolescence, as early as age three or five (Chapman 19). In cases such as these, the child is going through a form of pain or neglect, and for the child then outreaches to feel emotion by the addiction of self-harm. “The 13 year old rolls up her

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