Symbolism : Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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In many stories or novels the author uses a lot of literary techniques such as symbolism. Symbolism is used so that the audience enjoys the story, having taken the meaning of the entire story however the reader wishes. Symbolism is also used in almost everything we see such as pictures, flags, items or even people. Symbolism is any object, person, place or experience that represents more than what it is. For example every state in the United States has a flag that symbolizes something. Even on the big screen, symbolism is used when the color red is used. The color red is usually associated with the evil or the antagonist. The color blue signifying the protagonist or purity against the antagonist. The short story “Everyday use” by Alice walker is about a family who’s life is hard. A mother known as Mama Johnson is the narrator of the story. Mama Johnson is a rough skinned woman who has learned to skin a pig with her bare hands. Her two daughters known as Dee and Maggie, Dee being the oldest of them both is very successful in life being a part of the black power movement. Maggie being the young, shy and lame has gotten seriously burnt in a fire when she was a baby. One day Mama Johnson was sitting out in the yard with Maggie, then Dee shows up with a man known as hakim-a-barber. Mama Johnson invites them for dinner when Dee goes looking for a quilt her grandmother made that has a piece of living history. After having taking all of what Dee wants, Mama
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