Essay On Symbolism In A Rose Of Emily

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Symbolism has many of ways to be expressed. It is shown in numerous of books, poems, short stories, and in almost every type of literature. In the story I just read, “A Rose of Emily”, had many different examples of symbolism. Death can be symbolized as black and dark. Anyone can use symbolism in anyways they wish. It’s to show ideas and qualities.
A Rose of Emily was a story told in the south. She was a young woman that lived with her father that was dominant and over protective. Miss. Emily was never allowed to date or see any other male. Her father passed away while they were eating lunch, and since she was never on her own she didn’t know what to do. Emily kept her father’s decomposed body for 3 days. When she was forced to give up his
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Miss. Emily herself is a symbol of a Fallen Monument. In her early years Emily was a beautiful women that every man wish they had. Years pass by and she went through a crises. when her father passed, after that she aged badly and went through some type of depression for being alone. In an article written by Nicole Smith the author says “Miss. Emily is like a fallen monument” he also states “people are afraid of her and have no idea how to approach her”. This shows how she was once a sparkling young woman that everyone wanted and now she is a different person and no one wants to be with her. She is also a symbol of the old south. Maria Magher writes an article explaining the type of symbolism in the story. She declares “Emily is a symbol of the old south, she resist change”. She never wanted anyone telling her what to do, she kept her old tradition and her own ways of doing things. Stubbornness …show more content…
He represents possession , Maria Magher writes in her article “ the father protects her purity by turning away any man he doesn 't believe measures up to her standards”. Emily 's father was a man that didn 't let anything pass by him. He was the type to tell another man to leave their house. He never wanted his daughter to have anyone else. He was overprotective towards Emily. Dominance is another symbol emily 's father represents. In an article at Cliffsnotes the author declares “ the horsewhip that Mr. Grierson clutches suggest a bridled violence”. He 's a man that tried to show that he was a strong looking man. Her father wanted people to fear him, therefore no one will get involved with him and emily.
The house itself was another symbol. Alienation was the symbol it showed. Sparknotes wrote “ the dust throughout Emily 's house is a fitting accomplishments to the faded lives within”. The inside of the house is getting older and dustier while the story progresses.

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