Symbolism And Symbolism Of The Caduceus

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Caduceus Symbol
In 1902, the Caduceus was adopted and worn in the uniforms of U.S. Army medical officers. The Caduceus is a symbol for doctors and depicted as staff with two snakes wrapped around it with wings. Through its adoption in the 19th century, the Caduceus has been given a role of a symbol of doctor’s around the world, not only does it portray doctor’s, but it conveys the implication of a connection between Hermes, the Greek messenger God, this implicates a subject of sending good health.
The Caduceus is the image on the left, it is a medical icon with two snakes wrapping around a winged rod. It was created in the 16th and 17th century but adopted in the 19th century. It has been adopted by other organizations than the United States
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The meaning of the Caduceus goes back to the Greek god, Hermes because it was his magic staff. The double snakes speak of the balance and integration polarities to strike harmony. In addition to the doubling of snakes the spiraling indicates the meaning of knowledge as well as undulation dance of cosmic forces. The staff conveys an emissary of transference between body and mind. The wings represent ascension, messages from the divine and awareness from a higher vantage point, some may say that this evicts the image of Hermes. The staff also interprets the ideas of wisdom, power and authority when the parts are together which point to the status of a doctor. In modern times, it figures as a symbol of commerce. This symbol targets the audience of doctors and people in need of health care. In targeting people in need of health care the symbol represents giving good health care to other, representing the argument of the Caduceus sending good health.
The structure of the way the staff accommodates the parts admits the overall way the Caduceus acts as a symbol of trade, peace, harmony and sending of good health. Without on peace of the symbol, it will lose part of its interpretation. The objects significance admits and effect on the way doctors are portray since it is and embolism for them. It groups and defines a certain group in the medical field as being of authority of power. All around the
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