Symbolic Convergence Theory And Fantasy Theme Analysis

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As the development of technology, new media appear and instant communication through internet and mobile which give lot of pressures to traditional media such as television and newspaper. 28th September 2014 “occupy central” in Hong Kong began and until the beginning of December 2014 which lasting for more than two month. Mainland Chinese newspaper People’s Daily frame the news as “illegal gathering”, Macau Daily frame the news as “political drama”, however, Apple Daily frame it as “umbrella revolution” and Liberty Times frame it as “democracy movement”. However, people no longer rely on the traditional media news, but willing to seek more about the truth. Besides those traditional mass media, there also lot of different groups
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In this study adopt Ernest Bormann’s symbolic convergence theory and the fantasy theme analysis. We pick 5 different pages on Facebook, which post related post of occupy central issue and attract lot of people to interact on the post. The 5 Facebooks pages are : “BBC-媒體/新聞/出版”; “佔領中環-社群”; “Occupy Central佔領中環-社會、文化網站”; “Occupy Central-社群”; and “讓愛與和平佔領中環Occupy Central with Love and Peace-社群”, the analysis include the number of the original post, the number of people’s “Like”, “share” and comments from 28th September 2014 to 7th December 2014 as the sampling.
Findings and discussion
By doing this research, all the comments is obviously divided into two groups, one who support occupy central movement, the other one is against.
Support on occupy central
Rhetoric vision Fantasy theme Setting Characters Action Sanction agent
China use law to control and assimilate Hong Kong China want to be dictatorship Reform of the 2017 election China government and Hong Kong government Announce the new way of election Hong Kong government and China

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