Swot Analysis Of Xiaomi

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Register to read the introduction… It is the market leader and a trusted brand in China which has made the country proud. It has been extremely successful using its innovative marketing approach to sell its products online. Therefore, with its flexible and customisable products, it has the opportunity to create a unique brand with a superior user experience by building and capitalising on its own MiUI ecosystem. However, Xiaomi needs to overcome its weaknesses in terms of quality and after sales services. Also, it may need to learn how to adapt its strategies to other markets, as they may not work so effectively outside of China. At the same time, it needs to deal with threats such as increasing competition both from low cost players, as well as …show more content…
At the same time, by focusing resources and effort on the best ideas, the company is able to fast track the time to market for new products, thus helping them to gain an edge over their competitors. The process also contains a feedback loop so that the company can continuously learn and improve the new product development strategy.

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Figure 4-1 : New Product Development Process (Source: Kapp, 2009)

The process resembles a funnel where the largest possible number of ideas is encouraged to enter the conceptualisation stage. At every stage, there is a review gate (stage gate process) where the idea is reviewed according to specified criterion in order to make a decision to proceed or to drop the idea.

One of the most important stages is the testing stage as it would determine if the proposed product would work as expected and advertised. Usually the first level testing is conducted by the product development team which performs unit testing on their product to check the features and functionality. After the product prototype has been created, the product is tested by the testing group. The specialised testing group would create test cases whose objective is to test the product in all possible situations (even

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However, the development and sale of new software modules and features will be an integral part of the product lifecycle and benefits to the user.

The core of the product technology is the Real Time Eye Blinking Detection which functions in the following manner. If the eye is illuminated by a near-infrared light source in coaxial with the camera, the light enters the pupil and is reflected off the retina and comes out through the pupil. The pupil image appears as a half-lighted disc against Page 27 of 34

a darker background, called the bright eye. On the other hand, if the eye is illuminated by a light source uncoaxial with the camera, the pupil image appears as a darker area against the background, called the dark eye. The brightness distribution is shown on the horizontal lines respectively. Thus, there is a preloaded algorithm to determine if the person is healthy or fatigued. The information will be translated by a paired smartphone application and will notify the user of his/her health

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