Essay on Swot Analysis Of Mercedes Benz And Dacia

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Mercedes-Benz and Dacia enjoy a good reputation as carmakers but in different ways. Although both companies are from the same industry, their markets, forces, strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats differ. Let’s analyse both companies in Spain.
I. Characteristics and attractiveness of the markets in which firms operate and how these are changing:
PESTEL Analysis Political: Spain is a stable democracy since 1978 and it is in the European Union. Spain is organized as a federal country and each region has its own Parliament and Government.
Economical: The car market is one of the biggest in Europe and finally it has emerged from the crisis and its growth in 2014 has been the biggest in 15 years. (Expansión, 2012) (ANFAC-SAMCT, 2014)
Spain’s economy was one of the most affected during the economic crisis of 2008 but now it’s one of the countries that is growing most within the Eurozone (ABC, 2014) and the automotive industry, the second most important economic sector, is growing too and it helps to reduce the high unemployment rate.
Social: Spain has a population of 46’7millions with the typical population pyramid of a developed country. The population isn’t growing and in the long term maybe it can cause problems for the future generations such as higher taxes for people and companies to finance the social budget (Wikipedia, 2015).
Technological: Spain is the second car manufacturer in Europe (EFE, 2013) and has a really good subsidiary industry for the car…

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