Switch Robot : How A Robotics Can Be Progressively Better At Moving Without Any Human Intervention

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Switch robot
There is always a lot of research going on how a robotics can be progressively better at moving without any human intervention, In fact, it is very essential quality of a robot to work with out any human support, in addition to that, a robot should also move in different directions. Therefore we inroduce to you a new Robox kit, using which, you can create such a wonderful robot.In this short video, we will take you through the creation of a robot, which will detect wall, Edge, Line and objects on its way and move forward by avoiding them, with out a human intervention.
With out any late, Let’s jump into the creation of this robot, firstly, we need to create a base robot, and then we should add extra components to the base robot, in order to implement these mechanisms one by one
Components required :
Each comonent will have its own significance of usage.We use different comonents to create this robot, as listed, along with these, I emphasis on the usage of 2 IR sensors components to implement this mechanism.
Let’s start creating this robot, with a Base. To do that, I pick 2 base blocks and connects them with one another using a 2 in 1 connector, to enlarge the base I am attaching another 2 base blocks to it with the help of 2 in 1 connectors. Now, I am going to attach the 2 in 1 connectors to the corners of the base blocks from all the 4 sides. The extended base block should strong, so…

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