Swimmers Need A Complete Team Essay

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Swimmers need a complete team around them to be successful in and out of the water. One of the most important players on the team is a personal trainer. Personal trainers aren’t people who know a few exercises and teach them to swimmers; they are skilled professionals who studied all aspects of fitness and health, and continue to improve their education. Personal trainers know the abilities of the athletes, they understand the limitations of training, and they have the expertise to develop individualized plans that promote optimal physical and performance results.

There are 15 reasons why a swimmer needs a personal trainer on his/her team.

Spot areas of concern
Personal trainers have keen insight into the body – how it moves, why it moves, what its limitation are - that allow personal trainers to identify areas of concern or training deficiencies. The areas of concern and swimmer’s needs take top priority in training.

Understand the physical demands of the sport
Ideally, swimmers should work with personal trainers who have experience in the pool and working with swimmers. A knowledgeable personal trainer knows the dangers of overhead movements and shoulder stretching, understands the force in the water and dangers of repetitive movements, as well as other grueling physical demands.

Workouts are targeted
Because personal trainers understand the physical demands and potential risks of swimming, they target workouts accordingly. Personal trainers shape Dryland workouts…

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