sustaining the transformation Essay

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Title of book: Sustaining the Transformation

Author: General C.C. Krulak

1. This book is about:
This book puts emphasis on the transformation of an American citizen into a marine and the importance of sustaining the change. It is imperative because our war fighting ability depends on a lasting transformation not only during the time of the individual’s Marine Corps career but also when he or she returns to their civilian communities.

2. General plot/story line: The Marine Corps does two things: make marines and win our nation’s battles. Winning battles depend on how well we make marines. Those who have earned the title have been polished and honed by attentive mentoring. We have to remember that to sustain the transformation
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Cohesion could be implemented by:
A. Individual morale: leaders must know our marines and look out for their welfare.
B. Confidence in the unit’s combat capability: The longer marines serve and train together in a unit the more effective they become and the more confident they are in their unit’s capabilities. Success in battle can be attributed to a unit’s overall confidence in its level of performance.
C. Confidence in unit leaders: It is earned as marines spend time in company of their seniors and learn to trust them. Leaders must earn the respect of their marines.
D. Horizontal cohesion: Peer bonding of a sense of trust and familiarity between individuals of the same rank. Enhanced personnel stability promotes familiar and effective working relationships.
E. Vertical cohesion: Mutual sense of trust and respect among individuals of different rank. Leaders that show concern for their marines and lead by example will earn the trust and respect of their subordinates.
Ultimately, it increases fighting power, provides positive peer pressure and reinforces our core values.
Phase 4: Sustainment is continuous. Implement wherever practicable:
• Deployment
• Family day
• 6-month recognition
• Unit training and exercises
• Unit events
• Battle anniversary
• One month recognition
• In-briefs
• Graduation and unit reception
• Command involvement
Phase 5: Citizenship. People transformed by their marine experience and enriched by their internalization of

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