Parental Involvement In School Essay

The role of a principal is often one that is not clearly outlined. It is ever-evolving and can vary from day to day depending upon the situation that arises. One responsibility of a school administrator that will always remain a constant includes possessing effective communication skills. An administrator who has developed essential methods of communications has the ability to motivate, educate, collaborate, and build trusting relationships with members of the community. Community relationships are perhaps one of the most essential components of an effective school. With community involvement and parental support, a school can truly see a climate change within the school and experience greater levels of achievement in regards to the overall operations of the school.
“The Principal’s Role in Improving and Sustaining Parent Involvement”, provides multiple suggestions that can be useful in
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These ideas will help parents be more involved and allow the parent-school relationship to be furthered as well. The lasting effects of parental involvement can help promote a school culture of unity and trust. By recruiting parents to volunteer and be a part of the educational process it allows them a first-hand look at the daily workings of the school and a better understanding of the school’s overall vision. Effective communication is a key to initiating parental involvement and sustaining it. Any program that allows parent to be more involved and be a part of the school can be considered a success. Parents want to help, and it creates excitement for the students to see parents involved. It also shows students that parents value education, and often time’s parents can have a lasting impact on other children besides their

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