Sustainable Tourism Essay

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After environmental sustainability, more weight is put on social sustainability followed last by economic sustainability. The amount of promised actions to reduce carbon emissions, increase dependency on green energy, and other environmental initiatives could have negative effects on achieving economic sustainability if only temporarily. Annapolis needs to change large parts of their infrastructure in order to meet their desired environmental goals which costs large amounts of money, could cause a decrease in jobs that are dependent on the usage of traditional sources of energy, and cause other unforeseen problems and issues. Annapolis’s sustainability plan does not even mention increasing tourism, a major source of income, in regards to economic …show more content…
In terms of economic sustainability, I would suggest recruiting more businesses and shops in the downtown historic Annapolis area to become part of the push to create a more sustainable Annapolis. Creating more programs such as the Environmental Stewardship that allow businesses and shops help and display their support towards a more sustainable future would have huge effects. Tourism is a major part of Annapolis’s economy, and the historic downtown area is always full of people visiting. In a paper published by Colin Hunter, Hunter describes the concept behind “sustainable tourism” and its importance (Hunter 1997). Hunter says that “the term . . . has come to represent and encompass a set of principles, policy prescriptions, and management methods which chart a path for tourism development such that a destination area’s environmental resource base is protected in future development (Hunter 1997).” Downtown historic Annapolis draws many tourists who enjoy the old architecture as well as the proximity to the water. It is important to maintain and preserve these attractions in a sustainable manor due to “the likelihood that tourism will become the largest single sector of world trade early in the next century (Hunter 1997).” Promoting and advertising sustainable actions through the businesses and stores in that area would spread awareness and raise additional support towards the Annapolis sustainability plan as a whole. The second area I would improve would be to the social section of the plan. Currently, there is no required class that teaches about sustainability in the school districts. Creating a mandatory class, or adding a mandatory sustainability section to an existing class, would begin teaching the current youth how to live and act sustainable. This education would be critical

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