Sustainable Supply Chain And The Automotive Industry

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Sustainable Supply Chain can be define as management of supply chain need to be consider of environmental issues, social, as well as economic impacts. ( Cody Sisco, Blythe Chorn and Peder Michael Pruzan-Jorgensen, 2010). Based on this authors also explained about the encouragement of good governance practices in term of goods and services in the sustainable supply chain. Sustainable supply chain is very crucial point need to be consider in the supply chain management in order to protect environmental, increase of lifestyle, and make the prediction for a long term issues as well. Hence, the sustainable of supply chain can be adapted in the business one of that is through the integrated of supplier. To be more efficient and effective in the supply chain management, rules and
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When the supplier have a guideline between each other accordance to sustainable requirement will give impact towards sustainable of supply chain. The important things need to comply the sustainable of supply chain in the relationship of supplier because to ensure that all the laws and regulation that has been stated are followed and also to support international principle for sustainable business conduct. Indirectly, when all the supplier comply this action automatically they have increase of economic condition, increase better social as well as environment impact. Therefore, this paper will be looking into American automotive industry of supply chain management in term of Ford Motor as a case study. Ford Motor Company has been highlighted their aiming of the sustainable supply chain. Based on its reports 2013/2014, Ford said that they are promote the relationship with their supplier whereby to ensure the relationship between them are sustainable. The issues that bringing out by the Ford Company which are human rights issue, working condition as well as

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