Sustainable Facility Management Essay

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Background information about the client.(would be provided by the saxion research center)
The reason for the thesis project and the relevance of the thesis for the client: This thesis seeks to identify how to incorporate sustainability into facility management at Saxion by identifying the needs of international students residing at the University’s accommodation facilities. This thesis will advise Saxion director of facility management on how to incorporate sustainability in its facility management practices in order to minimize life-cycle costs of assets, preserve the environment, and better the lives
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, and iii) What are the sustainable practices that can be incorporated into the current facility management practices at Saxion University.
The remaining part of this thesis proposal is organized into four sections. The first section talks about the literature review of the core concepts to be used in this thesis as well as the search methods to be used. The second section provides an overview of the data collection approach and analysis methods that will be used whereas the fourth section considers the approach of the advisory part of the final thesis report. PART TWO.
Search methods/engines used: Multiple sources of information will be accessed in order to acquire adequate knowledge of sustainable facility management. Information from renowned sources such as the international facility management association (IFMA) will be collected. Additionally, online data acquisition through search engines such as google, msn, bing, etc. will also b conducted.

A review of literature on

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