Sustainable Business Practice Essay

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A Research Paper on
Communicating the Challenges and Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices


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This research presents ways on communicating sustainable business practices effectively. It also defines what sustainable business practice is showing certain challenges and measures in ensuring an effective communication to consumers.
Businesses used to stand out simply by being environmentally sustainable, but that is changing. Today, companies of all sorts and all sizes are playing up their efforts to save energy, reduce carbon dioxide, use more sustainable materials and streamline their packaging.
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It shall further discuss its importance and what a sustainable business is – the challenges and obstacles faced. It will also come up with recommendations aiding businesses on deciding whether they should be implementing such policy.
What is Sustainable business practice? Sustainable business practice are about combining economy with ecology , major innovations of new activities, fulfilling the future needs of consumers and knowing future markets and teaching an ideal of the “cyclic principle” which means that a waste for one system is equal to a food for another(Wright 2012). People who had been aware of the said practice will design an eco-efficient business. A return of investment will be redesigned in order to give "credit" for pollution offsets ("lack of toxic waste"), and for long-term "benefit" that benign energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydrogen energy sources (Wright 2012). It therefore addresses social, environmental, and economic issues meeting the needs of the present generations without compromising ability of future generations to meet their needs. Furthermore, a sustainable business practice restores damaged ecosystems and realigns inequitable social and economic systems. There is a so called farm to consumer responsibility where businesses account for full impact (Schweisguth 2012).
Why do we need to communicate sustainable business practice?

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