Sustainability and Environment Issues in the Design Industry Essay

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Sustainability and Environmental Issues in the Design Business

For this assignment I am required to compile a report on the sustainable and environmental values held by a well-known company. The company I will be reporting on is Chanel. Chanel is one of the fashion leaders of the world specializing in both hand made couture and ‘off the rack' ready to wear fashions. Their target audiences are the wealthy members of society. Their logo and distinctive fashion styles since the 1920's have moulded this fashion label into a much sought after commodity. Many teenagers through to elderly women either would desire this image statement or are proud to be able to afford it and wear it. It is a very highly recognized brand with a luxury and
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Indeed anyone who buys Chanel is wanting to make a statement to the world, as the logo is widely recognized and brandished across most of their retail items for all to see.
However, being conscious of the environment has become a responsibility for all of the world's citizens and in particular a responsibility for business's, not only for the impact they can have by having so much power and using so many resources, but also as a PR exercise in order to appeal to the rising market who, has time passes will be in a position to be their new client base, replacing the originals. Thus all companies have to constantly be aware of what affect they are having and how to better it – no matter how well established and Chanel should be no exception.

How can Chanel develop a more politically correct persona for them selves? And indeed would it be possible?
They have already opted for the non-testing of animals on their cosmetics and fragrances which is briefly outlined on their website under the FAQ section. Also under this section they detail their environmental policy to participate in packaging waste recuperation programs in all the cities across Europe. They go on to say that they have

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