Susan Stodola 's An Unexpected Journey Essay

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An Unexpected Journey
Waiting tables after school, a sandy blonde hair fifteen year old Susan Stodola started saving for her college fund. Living with six other brothers and sisters, she shared a room with her other two sisters, Cindy and Lori. In a family of seven children, Susan knew that she would have to pay her way through college if she planned on attending. Graduating from high school, she went on to attend the University of Omaha, the second out of her family to attend college. She worked through college saving up and paying her way through her education. Susan earned a degree in business where she then went on to work for First Data, a company that deals with credit cards. In her beginning years of working at First Data Susan traveled teaching other branches of First Data how to work with the system. Her biggest venture was across the Atlantic Ocean where she lived in England for a few years. There she worked with Raf Sorrentino, who at that time she did not know it, but they would end of being married.
Moving back home Susan was surprised to discover that she was pregnant, Raf was still back in England. Once finding out about his expecting child, he moved to the states to live in Nebraska with his girlfriend. On November 6, 1992, they had Victoria Marie Stodola-Sorrentino who brought an immense joy to the couple. The family of three lived in an apartment in midtown, close to First Data where Susan and Raf still worked. Advancing in their jobs Susan and Raf…

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