Susan B. Anthony: Labor Activist

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Susan B. Anthony was born in the bleak winter of 1820. She was brought up in her family as a Quaker, who believed in equality for men and women. She was able to develop a feminist sense of morals and justice through the Religious Society of Friends. Because Anthony’s father was a sixth generation Quaker, she had the privilege of education. She attended a private boarding school in Philadelphia.
Anthony’s family was greatly involved in the Society. Some of the people that influenced her most were her relatives. They were a family that inveighed public opinion and laws often. For example, her relatives were active in the Anti-Slavery movement. Anthony created a newspaper titled The Revolution, in which she exercised her constitutional right
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Anthony advocated as a Labor Activist. The Revolution urged for an eight hour work day and equal pay regardless of race or gender. She attempted to assist in The Reconstruction movement by promoting the purchase of American-made goods and encouraging immigration to the south in order to settle the country after the Civil War. She basically organized the Working Women’s Association. She did this by encouraging working women from the printing and sewing trades who had been excluded from men’s unions to join her in the fight for labor equality. She was a delegate to the National Labor Congress in 1868, where she persuaded the female labor committee to vote for women’s “equal pay for equal work.” Although the men at the convention ended up disregarding the vote, they still had the empowerment to go through with the …show more content…
Her motto was “Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.” With this motto she influenced people while she advocated for women’s rights. Along with this, she helped to bring about the abolition of slavery. Susan Brownwell Anthony played an immense role in the history of the United States’ society all the while empowering the next generation to continue to uphold this magnificent movement. Susan B. Anthony heavily influenced and affected the Women’s Rights Movement. She could easily be considered the “Mother of Women’s Suffrage.” We need people like Anthony to continue to protest for their beliefs of equality. Society heavily benefitted from her because she made history with her countless campaigns to protest inequality. She empowered so many others to assist with her journey for equality. From the point in her life where she first met Elizabeth Stanton, to when she was indicted for voting illegally she influenced the lives of every woman interested in a reform for women’s

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