Supporting Obama 's Immigration Reform Essay

1405 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
Imagine someone living in a home where their curtains are always drawn, lights are always off and remaining unnoticeable is the key to their existence. Picture them waking up daily to work in a low paying job to support their families’ dreams of a bright future. He or she never break any laws, not even to go 5 miles over the speed limit. Yet they live in constant fear, fear that at any moment he or she will be discovered and arrested for being in this country illegally. This is a fear that millions of people in America live with. By supporting president Obama’s new immigration reform, Americans can ensure that other families are allotted the same opportunity that their ancestors had when coming to this country. Supporting Obama’s immigration reform will benefit Americans and immigrants alike, it will make this country stronger than ever before.
You must meet strict requirements to qualify for relief from deportation (Muñoz 2014). That means that this new reform is not meant to help criminals or people who come to take advantage of all the amazing benefits this country has to offer its citizens. This reform is written strictly to help those who have been living hidden for years as the work tirelessly, remaining free of crime but are unable to legally step forward. Once the immigrant is able to pass national security and criminal background checks, if he or she is a parent of a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States for at least five year; the…

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