Support Teaching and Learning Essay

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Support Teaching and Learning
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Planning, implementing and evaluating activities are a good way to help structured learning, to see pupils progress and for improvements where necessary and if targets are achieved to go beyond and help pupils think for themselves encouraging independence. These 3 things regarding the activity help to choose the right and appropriate resources, the learning objectives to be achieved, cross-curricula links, for instance, for geography using pictures and writing about the country also is linked with literacy.

It helps by asking pupils key questions, then implementing the activity and
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If a child has a motor problem, a TA could hold their coat and encouraging independence by getting the child to try and put it on themselves. During an art lesson, children were free to choose what picture they wanted to colour and their choice of what colours they wanted to use and talking about mixing colours to make new ones when painting.

Giving constructive feedback, or the sandwich effect, positive, negative and end with a positive comment assists the class teacher and the TA to be honest with a child in the nicest possible way without making that child feel, ‘put down’ or have low self-esteem.

For example, a child was telling a recount of a story they had just read about The 3 Little Pigs and the child had missed the part when the pigs go to a different man each time to gather their straw, wooden sticks and bricks. I gave positive feedback and using positive words, ‘well done’, and then ‘however’, reminding the child about the man they met in the story and reassured them with another positive comment and gave this feedback to the class teacher, thus, supporting their learning.

All the resources listed contribute to children’s learning. Here are a few examples of equipment and resources from my list and how they contribute to education:-

• Interactive Whiteboards – These boards assist with the VAC system in place in

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