Support Children to Achieve Their Learning Potential Essay

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Support children and young people to achieve their learning potential




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Activity 1
(1.1, 1.2)
a) Look up the legislation that affects children or young people’s access to education and learning opportunities. Explain the main points in your own words.

Children’s act 2004 - Every Child Matters – Children, as well as being kept safe from harm should also be able to achieve their educational needs.

Education act 2006 - The act imposes various minimum standards for independent schools in areas such as health and safety and have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils.
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We encourage them to look at what is going right for them at the moment and explore the small steps needed to continue on this path in order to reach the goals for their future. We aim to support the child to develop a sense of personal responsibility they can identify with, by taking a more positive approach to their life and the choices they make, and empower them to think they can change the direction in which their life may be heading for the better.

e) How do you provide children or young people with enthusiastic feedback to celebrate their achievements? covered ref 1E

Activity 4
(4.1, 4.2, 4.3)
a) Why is it important to engage carers in children’s and young people’s learning?

It is important for the warren to play an active role in the development and learning potential of any child. Children often feel isolated and unsupported when it comes to learning, staff at the warren will act as positive role models and use their own experiences to take and active part in the child’s life. By discussing, and showing an interest and encouraging all forms of learning (creative play, school, home tutoring, independent living, social interaction etc) helps child to recognise the value and their own good ideas is supported by staff.

b) List the key professionals and their roles in supporting and developing children and young people’s learning.

Head teacher/Teachers – Teachers have a

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