Essay about Supply Chain And Distribution Chain

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2.2 Supply and Distribution Chain

Objectives can be achieved in e-business’s supply and distribution chain because it has obvious competitive advantages compared to traditional business with a shorter cycle period of e-procurement, adequate fulfillments and distribution supporting, diversify payment ways and efficient supply chain management. Also with comparison of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba’s strategies in supply and distribution chains, it is clear to know why they enable to remain growth in both domestic and international market in the future.

Supply chain plays an important role whatever the industry is. In e-commerce, the supply chain can generally contain the following activities: procurement, fulfillment, logistics, making payment (Data Science Central 2015 and Sunil and Jan 2000).

To start with, traditional procurement in the business is the act to select, order and acquire of goods and services (Bodnar and Hopwood 2004). However, e-procurement is used more commonly in the e-business which is defined the process integrating all procurement activities electronically between Business to Business, Business to Customers and Business to Government business (Mi 2010). Honestly, process of traditional procurement always have at least 5 steps, including select stock channel, inform purchasing department, request for price and terms, create purchase order, receive invoice, make payment and so on (Nader and Maged 2015 and BusinessDictionary 2011). Thus Chaffey (2004) said…

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