Role Of Power In Macbeth

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Throughout William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, several supernatural forces are referenced. Witches, ghosts, and spirits all affect the plot line in significant ways. Macbeth’s rapid descent into dangerous ambition and power all begins because of supernatural witches meddling with Scottish affairs. Before the witches influenced his life, Macbeth was thought as by many as an honest, loyal, man who was proud of his king and his country, he was good to his wife as well as brave man in battle. However, upon hearing the witch’s prophecies, Macbeth true nature and ambition was revealed and he became obsessed with power and fulfilling the witches foreshadowing. Nearing the end of the play, he gains too much confidence and he evidently goes off the …show more content…
He is looked at from all of the other characters as bold, and an exceptional man. At the beginning of the play the theme is set to be very classy and truly displays the class levels of each character. In Act one of the play displays Macbeth as a character who is very proud and determined. Once the traitor was executed, it was in Macbeth’s place to be the Thane of Cawdor. He was proud to be representing the king and to be known throughout Scotland as a high held figure. Macbeth also was determined, and his determination was for not letting down the people of Cawdor, and also to keep his high ranked position. As said by the Sergeant, in Act 1, Scene 2, “But all 's to weak; For brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name)”, Macbeth was brave, and everyone else knew it too. All the people of Cawdor knew him as the valiant Thane. King Duncan also knew of Macbeth as brave, strong and powerful. “What he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won.” were words spoken from the King. The fact that Macbeth knew the king thought of him and noble and worthy gave Macbeth more confidence in himself, as well as more determination to make the King proud. In all respects of the beginning of the play, Macbeth was a loyal, noble, daring figure, and the people of Cawdor knew it as …show more content…
The witches apparitions who gave him three more prophecies after he became king tricked him into thinking he was invincible. While they told only the truth, they mislead Macbeth by telling him riddles that created the circumstances that lead to his own demise. If the witches and the other super naturals had not intervened, then perhaps Macbeth would have been saved from himself and he still could have been a good, noble man who was loyal to his king and country. The super natural forces dramatically altered Macbeth’s character in ways that were dark and unfortunate. Macbeth turned from a good to bad all under the influence of the

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