Essay about Super Pacs : The Power Of Power

1353 Words Oct 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Super PACs in Elections In our modern world, money holds a massive amount of power. Money is a motivator. Our civilization is a slave to its power. Money has the power the encourage people to act against their morals and their own interest. Not only does money rule every aspect of our personal life but it has also sized control of our government. Our government was created as a democracy where the power is given to the people but since then money has removed power from the people and has given it to only the super wealthy. How has this happened? Super PACs are independent organizations that raise money to advertise for or against a candidate running for a public office. Since they do not contribute directly to a candidate, they can legally raise an unlimited sum of money. So how to we insure that the people do not lose power to Super PACs? Congress should place a limit on the amount of money that a sponsor can donate to super PAC because they encourage candidates to favor large corporations’ interests over the interest of the average American. Money has always been a part of politics. Money is an important aspect of the campaign process because a candidate must spend large sums of money so the American people can become familiar with the candidate they want to represent them. The American people needed to be certain that the candidate that represented them actually represented them and not the people who had enough money to persuade the candidate to look after their…

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