Sun Yatsen : The Father Of The Nation Essay

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Sun Yatsen is known as ‘the father of the nation’ (China). He was one the of the Chinese revolutionaries who brought about the ideas of modernism and the plans to regenerate the nation of China. Sun was the one who had taught the ideas of his revolution to the ones who triggered the double tenth (10th October 1911), where nationalists began an uprising against the imperial system. This was the the Qing, imperial rulers of China. The entire imperial system had lasted for about 3000 years, but when the Qing fell the whole system collapsed. Sun Yatsen was a very important factor in this, however so were other factors, such as the majority of the nations resentment to the Qing; the Boxer rising of 1900-01 and also, Yuan Shikai (the man with most of the army’s loyalty.
Sun Yatsen was obviously one of the key factors within the fall of the Qing. He was influential definitely, but by how far? Let us start with why he was important. Sun was the leader of the Tongmenghui. The Tongmenhui was the Alliance League, made up of Chinese nationalists. The members of this party were invoked in the uprising that begun in Wuhan which was the trigger to the fall of the Qing and as Said before, Sun was the founder of the group. Therefore he created the group which was the catalyst thus had involvement, though it wasn 't direct involvement. He also travelled many places and collected money from the people to send to his ex-students in China to finance the movement against the Qing. These students…

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