summer farm analysis Essay

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. In the first line, we see the first literary device in the poem, a simile, of which the simile is followed by an oxymoron “Straws like tame lightnings”.
Alternatively, the use of the strange description can be used in correlation with the strange world he is depicting in the depths of his mind, as one often has strange thoughts and weird interpretations of the world that are often unexpressed in society. However, when he is in his own mind, what is there from keeping his expressions unexpressed?
“Green as glass”. Yet another surreal simile that we see, yet we find this to be amazingly true.
This demonstrates the wonderfully intelligent mind of the poet in the sense that he not only sees, but observes the things that are in his
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The fact that it only has one eye gives the chicken a look of it being sinister. The fact that it stares at nothing gives an even more frightening picture, as it makes us wonder what we may find in the recesses of its mind. Note the caesura at the end of the verb “then picks it up.” The pause is used as a dramatic pause to allow what the chicken has done to sink in for the reader. Once again the fact that there is a dramatic pause indicate how insane the chicken might be that we take note of every action that we do. Often in mental patients, they are usually still as they are in the recesses of their minds and that they often “stare at nothing” it is only when they move that we should be afraid, similar to how the chicken moves there is a dramatic pause, verifying the fact that we should in fact be afraid. The author then goes on to say “Out of an empty sky” once again this can indicate a sense of surrealism as it is impossible to take things out of something that is already empty, let alone something that is so far away already like the sky.
. On the other hand the chicken, being the insane being that it was, saw something out of the nothingness and picked up something that it thought it was there in the empty sky. It was having hallucinations.
However there is a happy ending to this. The fact that the

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