Summary : ' Too Degrading Essay

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Jacoby shows he understand that his opinion may sound irrational to them by speculating his audiences’ thought about flogging. He wrote “‘Too degrading,’ some will say, ‘too brutal.’” to show his understanding, it is natural for people to think flogging people-even criminals is brutal, and this is a point people would like to speak out without hesitation because it may make them sounds merciful and justice. Somehow, Jacoby still insists his point, display that the problem may even worse than brutal and degrading, or more brutal than getting whipped in public. Readers cares about their feelings, but Jacoby cares about those criminals’ life condition and the possibility for them to return to good people after the penalty. He involves criminals’ position in his discussion, tried to build a connection with his audiences. We can no longer pretend everything is Ok and our jail system is working well. It is NOT. It is hard to find a solution for huge problems like how do we punish criminals, it is like how we can bring peace to the world. It is not the case that we can write a list and command the government to fix the broken system, even write a list itself is hard enough. Although the task sounds impossible, we cannot give up on finding a better way. A person cannot be persuaded if he doesn’t care about the topic, Jacoby uses this essay to push the conversation forward, and call people’s attention about our broken prison system. He addresses that “imprisonment has become our…

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