Essay about Summary : ' The Night ' Mummy '

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“Good night, little man,” Toki whispered as she kissed Sokwan. “Sweet dreams.”
Her son offered a lazy smile, his eyes barely able to stay open.
“Night, Mummy,” He said after a large yawn.
Toki pulled the duvet over this shoulders, lightly tucking him in. She gave him one last kiss before turning off his bedroom’s lights.
Gasping as she shut the door, Toki covered her mouth and took a step back when she noticed Jimmy was waiting for her in the hallway, his arms crossed over his chest.
“Won’t you join me for a drink, like we used to?” He asked.
Memories of Jimmy visiting in Sweden, always with the gift of a bottle of alcohol for them to share saturated the forefront of her mind. Often they’d talked into the early hours of the morning. Although fuzzy, she could still recall the time he’d lost his temper with her, the time he’d used his powers of mind control on her. Toki took another step away from him.
“I don’t feel much like drinking.”
“Oh come on, I’ve missed our conversations. We’ve hardly spoken over the weeks.”
“You’ve been busy.”
“Yes, I’ve had a lot of business to attend to, but I’ve got some time now.”
“Well…ok then,” Toki said, wrinkling her nose. “Maybe just one.”
“Perfect!” Jimmy smirked as he paced towards her. “For a second, I almost thought you’d been avoiding me.”
Toki couldn’t help but laugh in a nervous in a soprano tone.
“No. Never.”
Placing an arm around her shoulders, Jimmy led her down the stairs and into the drawing room where he kept an impressive…

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