Summary: Rollover Of Ford Explorers

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Situation Analysis. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 68 fatalities in rollovers of Ford Explorers in the beginning of Aug. 2000. The recorded fatalities were caused by sudden tread separation in tires used on the Ford Explorer. The standard manufactured tires provided for the Explores were Firestone tires, which was the center of an investigation in May 2000 after accruing 90 complaints pertaining to tread separation. At least four of the complaints included fatalities. Public complaints of 52 deaths in Ford Explorers were release by government officials by Aug. 16, 2000. The total reported deaths was the result of the rollover of Ford Explorers after the Firestone tires on the vehicle failed. Another five deaths were reported, but did not mention a rollover as the cause of death. Federal data shows from 1990 to 1997 that 91 percent of the deaths related to the separation of tire tread involved the rollover of Ford Explores. …show more content…
The deaths due to tread separation were at 103 and more than 400 injuries were reported. After the malfunction of over thousands of Firestone tires, Bridgestone-Firestone finally recalled 6.5 million Firestone Wilderness, AT, ATX and ATX II P235/75R15 tires. On Aug. 9, 2000, model years 1991-2000 Ford Explorers were recalled. Not only were the Ford Explores recalled but the Ford Ranger, Ford F-series Light Trucks and the Ford Bronco, along with other manufactured models were recalled. The recall included a heavy present of Ford SUVs and trucks. Originally, Firestone suggested a three-phase recall procedure. The first phase would cover consumers in the southern most states. Considering Florida and Texas had the most accidents than any other states. The second phase would replace the tires in the states of Georgia, North Carolina and etc. Finally, the northern most states would be the last to have tires replaced in the third

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