Mary Wollstoncraft's Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

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Mary Wollstoncraft was one of the most sensational writers in the 18th century. Not only did she advocate for the right of women, as we will speak about more into detail as we talk about her work Vindication of The Rights of Women, but an author who wanted to bring equality to a society that was out of balance. As mentioned before we will talk about Vindication of The Rights of Women and further detail why and what Mrs.Wollsetencraft was trying to prove and bold on. Mary Wollstoncraft wanted to highlight the mistreatment of women and wanted to show readers that women were not only items but equal living being just like men were. She starts off her book with an introduction which states, “I have turned over various books written on the subject …show more content…
I’m writing about how her book affected society. It’s not what she did, but how she did it. Readers of this book might think that all she was doing was writing about how she felt, and while that is true, she was also influencing. Shewas basically opening the eyes of women and telling them to get up aznd get moving. Her work was a statement. Her work was a declaration. and while many readers will not see all of this , it is essential to understand that her work wasn’t only a book that people read on their free time this was a book that made hitor, this was a book that gave us the modern standards and social standing we have today. Equality was far from being justified and now we see women becoming doctors and lawyers. Jobs and careers that were once taken just by men. A good example of this is the recent presidential election. We had the first women actually make it all the way to the end, and eveevn though she did not come out victorious, it influenced many women in todays society that fighting the odds is something that isn’t impossible and that’s what Wollstoncraft did. Her book was the presidential candidacy and her hard work was the influence that she

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