Summary Of The Story Of 'At Ayush House, Durgapur'?

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At Ayush house, Durgapur
"O look! I did overtake you.�
"Wait and watch baby!"
"Oh! Shut!"
"Petrol is over."
"Time please, nature call."
Chandya and Ayush had been playing bike racing video game on the computer. Each time Ayush had overwhelmed Chandya in the game, but Chandya kept persisting on. Ayush went in the bathroom. He turned up after a minute and started a game again.
"Well- done!"
"Hurrah! I won!"
"I have told you I will win it and you are boasting that no one can beat me. Now, where is gone your vainglory now, in hole. Ah? Say. .. "
"Don 't being so smart. Next time, surely surpass you. I bet you."
"Each time he says surpass you, but at every turn lose the game. Talker! Let�s give us treat now."
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Repeat it. Say it clearly."
"Our class has taken it at his home."
"For what?" father got angry.
"Ah...for...remembered. Guests are to come to his home. They said it was a very fortunate table, a son-in law has given as a gift to your father."
"Nothing, now go to his home and get back it."
"But, Pappa," Ayush said.
"I said go!"
Ayush searched Chandya and me in our respective homes. But we were at our favorite spot. Steps of Ganapathi Temple had been our cave after school released or in any
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I searched..."
"You searched us in home?�
"My father shouted, cursed, and told me gives it back."
"I don 't understand how we could work out that problem."
A passerby was passing them, casted glances over them, and meted out faint smile.
"Look at him; he is going to function without invitation card.
"Where are you going to?"
"Marriage functions of cousin at Sawantwadi."
"I think his father must have hundred brothers.�
"Leave that crap. Say this what should do now."
"What do...What do?"
"I got an idea!"
"Follow me."
We chased that passing boy through the lane, running fast behind him and took up with him within a few moments. Landing hand over his shoulder in a sweet tone, "Which brother�s marriage is arranged?"
"Of cousin brother,� he answered.
"Can we come with you to function? See! This Ayush did not eat anything, hungry for two days. Please bro!� Chandya pleaded him and convinced him to let us come with him.
"Yes, yes, of course after all it is my cousin�s marriage," he kept his boasting to be a brother.
"Like your father marriage," Ayush mumbled in low voice.
"What?" The waster responded almost in anger.
"Nothing to you," Ayush replied, shrugged.

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