Ron Clements And Moana Scene Analysis

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In Ron Clements and John Musker’s Moana (2016) does a great job getting the message of environmental destruction out by using tattoos characters have or designs woven into flags just to name a few. Essentially the story boils down to the heroine Moana trying to save the natural beauty of islands from dying out with the help of Maui a demigod. Two important aspects of the film that are important in the story telling are the tattoos some of the characters which represent some of their inner thoughts or feelings. Another important element in the ending scene of the film is the setting or the environment. These two different elements of the movie help show emotion or feelings of characters or the environment, which is important to understanding …show more content…
The plot boils down to saving the environment from destruction of human involvement and overdevelopment. The beautiful setting reflects islands like Hawaii with beautiful forests, beaches, and oceans, which has deep roots in Polynesian culture. The ending scene shows a grey sky and tough waters as Moana battles a lava monster but is defeated and goes back to being mother earth saving the islands. The mise en scene in the scene gives an idea of when something is wrong for example a dark sky and stormy ocean gives the audience an idea that something bad will happen. The setting in the story provides morals during the movie because after the monster is revealed to be Mother Nature who makes the environment beautiful again. The way the setting works with the plot to tell the story is very creative, it gives visuals to teach the audience a lesson about how humans need to work with environment. The setting in the environment is what these paradises around our planet look like and what they are fantasized as paradises. The emphasis of the setting in the movie goes hand in hand with protecting the environment and if we as humans do not protect and respect it the planet is in trouble. The lighting becomes brighter becomes as the conditions improve for the characters and they darken or the skies become cloudy as they worsen. The scene in the beginning of the fight is gloomy as they fight Te Ka the lava monster, but after the monster is revealed to be Tefiti the sky brightens, the water calms, and a lush green forest begins to grow again. The diegesis is completely influenced by the environment moods change and the actions of the characters as a result. The reveal of Te Ka being Tefiti goddess of nature in the film or mother nature clearly states the moral, which would be the more nature is disturbed the more

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