Summary Of ' The Last Five Years ' Essay

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For the first activity, I attended the play “The Last Five Years”, held Friday October 7, 2016 in the Harold and Jean Lambert Recital Hall. As stated in the playbill, The Last Five Years is “a show about a relationship, about a marriage…it’s told from two angles. From the man’s point of view, it starts at the first meeting and ends in the present…from the woman’s point of view, it starts in the present and works back to the first meeting.” (citation). The cast was made up of college students Caroline Stuart (Cathy), who produced the play as a part of her senior study, and Austin Loo (Jamie). The play was made up of fourteen different pieces. For this essay, I will be discussing the songs “Still Hurting”, “The Next Ten Minutes”, and “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You”.
The play begins with “Still Hurting”. This song begins with Cathy reading a note from her husband stating that he was leaving. The pitch of Cathy’s voice is low and airy, truly communicating the hurt in her voice as it becomes more breathy and shaky in certain parts. The background accompaniment, made up of a recording of string instruments, provides a slow melody that is a nice companion to Cathy’s voice. This melody starts out simple, but soon builds to provide complexity within the piece, building to reflect the hurt in Cathy’s voice. All of this comes together to provide a beautiful harmony, with the notes in Cathy’s voice complimenting the musical accompaniment perfectly.
The climax of the…

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