Essay on Summary Of ' The Dim Lit Office '

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THE MUSIC WAFTED through the speakers in the dim-lit office, jarring Devrynne Kaine from the paperwork laid out before her and she looked up with a grin as her husband, Liam Taylor, walked towards her. There was nothing to her that meant as much as these moments, the salacious look he was giving her as he walked around the desk and pulled her to her feet, kissing her softly as he moved them to the middle of the room and started to slowly dance with her.
“I can do what I want, I’m in complete control, that’s what I tell myself…” he sang softly with the music, his breath dancing across her neck and causing her to shiver in his hold. “Damn your eyes…”
“What brought this on?” she asked with a smile still splayed on her lips as they continued to move to the familiar Alex Clare song.
“No reason, except it’s oh,” he pulled back looking at his watch, “after midnight. Happy anniversary.”
Devrynne chuckled against his lips as he kissed her, her thoughts immediately going back to their wedding that was fifteen years ago…
“Calm down, Dev,” Ava said with a coy grin. “Don’t act like this isn’t exactly what you’ve wanted your entire life.” Devrynne smiled as Ava hugged her. She wasn’t nervous about marrying Liam, he’d been begging for a few years, and she’d finally given in.
“What if…” her voice trailed off.
“What if, what?” Jaime asked as he walked in, the only time Devrynne could remember seeing him dressed up. She had to admit, he looked good in a tuxedo. Ava excused herself as Dev…

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