Narrative Essay On Alcohol

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Have you ever had went through something were you thought you had no one and alcohol was the answer? Many teenagers tend to rely on alcohol to help them forget what 's going on in the world around them. I was one of those teenagers. Growing up I had gone through a lot with losing family and friends so close to me but the one that hurt the most was losing my grandmother and my great grandmother the same year. Ever since I could remember both my grandmothers were always in and out of the hospital with fighting cancer, getting really sick, or breaking a bone. I never knew what was happening since I was so young. On my 15th birthday I was explained to about my grandmother only having 6 months or less because she was dying from cancer. She was …show more content…
I was so happy and knew I can go out to parties. My friend called me saying last minute he was having a Halloween party. I asked my mom to go and she agreed as long as I came home by 12. I went to my friend’s house and I was already angry from fighting with my boyfriend. My friend asked if I wanted a shot and I said yes. I knew I shouldn 't have taken it since I haven 't ate. I started mixing my white and dark liquor. I got to the point were I was completely drunk. I felt fine until i went outside and the wind hit me. I walked outside on the cold October day. It was dark outside I could barely see where I was walking and it didn 't help that I was drunk and couldn’t walk. I got into the car and I tried to act fine but my mom noticed something was wrong because I was talking so much and I was slurring. I got home and my dad was sleeping. My mom cover for me. The next day, my brother started telling me how I’ve drank to hide my problems and how I felt alone. My mom left so bad she never noticed. My brother told me I cried all night telling him my problems and why I do the things I do. I talked to my mom about everything and I never felt better. It was like something was lifted off my

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