Summary Of ' The Ages Of 11-18 ' Essay

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Children are a marvelous thing, watching them grow and develop into the adults of tomorrow; wanting more and more freedom is what defines this period of their life. The ages of 11-18 “begins with biology and ends with society” (pg. 361 Berger, 2014). For this interview; I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing my step son; Byron who is 16 going on 26. If you let Byron tell the story, he can do no wrong, with his grades, his room, the amount of time he spends in front of the television with that PlayStation, and his new found girlfriend. I see the growth, part of me is happy for his new found independence, while part of me is fearful of the speed of his steps. Knowing that once upon a time I was in his shoes I want to ensure he doesn’t make the mistakes I made, and I know that is not realistic. Even though he is growing faster than my wife and I want him to; we am proud to have played a part in his development.
Peer Support I asked my son to describe his activities in the community and if his family supports his involvement? "Yeah, I play on the basketball team at school, and yaw come to the games to watch me do my thing. Yaw let me get the car so I can drive to practice now that I got my license at the beginning of the year. Mr. G, you took me to the urban league meeting at the beginning of the school year and the luncheon they had a little while ago. Yeah yaw support me in all that I do with school, sports, and anything else I try to do" (personal…

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