Summary Of Sembene Ousmane 's ' God 's Bits Of Wood ' Essays

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Rashad Jones
World History 1320
MWF 11:00 a.m.
Pre-colonial African society was traditionally very patriarchal and male-dominated. In, “God’s Bits of Wood,” the author Sembene Ousmane tells how the invasion of a technological, capitalist market economy and a railroad strike effected the gender relations between men and women and how the status of women was altered. During this time the men ran everything and were very dominant in and outside of their households. The technological advances allowed the men to work at better jobs and this too caused the men to be more powerful compared to their counterparts, the women The change in the women was gradual. By the end of the strike the change in gender relations and women’s status was big. The first instance of a foreshadowed change in the women’s status was seen very early on. It was the early days of the strike and food had already become scarce because the French had cut off the food and water supply for the African people hoping that starvation would end the strike. Men would come back to their homes with nothing for their wives and children to eat. People started to starve. This went on for quite some time and one woman decided that she would be the one to bring food home instead of waiting for her husband to try and obtain it. This woman’s actions caused people to realize that things were beginning to change. “And the men began to understand that if the times were bringing forth a new breed of men, they were also bringing…

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