Summary Of ' One Came Home ' Essay

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The book I chose to read for the second quarter is called “One Came Home”. This book was written by Amy Timberlake. I was excited to read this book because it is a mystery book and I love reading mysteries. This book is about a girl named Georgie Burkhardt whose sister recently ran away with a group of pigeoneers. A couple days later, her sister’s body is returned by the sheriff, but Georgie refuses to believe that she is dead. Georgie feels that it is her fault that her sister, Agatha, disappeared and she goes to find her with the help of Agatha’s secret lover, Billy McCabe. They experience counterfeiters, wild animals, and danger on their journey to bring Agatha back home.
“One Came Home” takes place in Placid, Wisconsin in 1871. Placid is a town in south-central Wisconsin. Placid is a small town where the people depend on the yearly pigeon migrations. Pigeons migrate to Placid every summer, but during a good year, thousands migrate to their town causing the businesses to benefit greatly. “People from Wisconsin know wild pigeons. Pigeons come every year, but because 1871 was an odd- numbered year, we were expecting greater numbers: pigeons adore black-oak acorns, and black oaks drop acorns every other year.” (pg. 12) Placid is close to another town called Dog Hollow, which they pass through when they search for Agatha. In this book, there are three main characters named Georgie Burkhardt, Agatha Burkhardt, and Billy McCabe. Georgie is a 13 year old girl from Placid,…

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