The Dead Girl

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  • Summary Of One Came Home By Amy Timberlake

    The book I chose to read for the second quarter is called “One Came Home”. This book was written by Amy Timberlake. I was excited to read this book because it is a mystery book and I love reading mysteries. This book is about a girl named Georgie Burkhardt whose sister recently ran away with a group of pigeoneers. A couple days later, her sister’s body is returned by the sheriff, but Georgie refuses to believe that she is dead. Georgie feels that it is her fault that her sister, Agatha, disappeared and she goes to find her with the help of Agatha’s secret lover, Billy McCabe. They experience counterfeiters, wild animals, and danger on their journey to bring Agatha back home. “One Came Home” takes place in Placid, Wisconsin in 1871. Placid…

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  • Day Of The Dead Girl Analysis

    painting, Ellie, depicts a young Day of the Dead girl. Stock uses acrylic paint on a canvas that is approximately 20x20” as her medium. At first glance, the painting may just appear to be nothing more than another Day of the Dead painting; however, upon closer examination the details turn it into something entirely different. Stock uses techniques such as: implied depth, color, and focal point to emphasize the innocence being lost in the young girl. Without these elements, Stock’s concept that…

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  • Fingerprinting: The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

    case because the detective who has the mystery case, where a person was murdered would use fingerprinting. You would use fingerprinting to track down the murder and the bystander. How you can see fingerprinting is not with the naked eye but with a special light. Fluorescent dye light. You can also use cyanoacrylate (superglue) processing. This process show the fingerprint. This fingerprint method could be helpful in the story that I'm reading. The dead girls of Hysteria Hall. The detective,…

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  • Motivation In The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

    Chapter 1- Motivations for the Protagonist** Character’s all need some type of motivation explaining why they keep going. Motivations are important because they drive the character to do more, and with no motivations, what would keep them going? In “The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall,” Delia, the protagonist, has clear motivations the author put in to further develop the character. From her aunt, family and the evil behind the house, this drives her to keep going. “The task I’ve…

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  • Similarities Between The Dead And Araby

    stories “Araby” and “The Dead”, both main characters fight deep inner battles that drive them to feel alienated. Alienation is depicted through the stories in different forms, spanning from the depiction of weather to the description of a neighborhood. Both characters have different manners in handling their inner battle. In Araby, the unnamed character is filled with anguish and retreats into the darkness of his thoughts. On the other hand, Gabriel feels himself becoming one of the deceased…

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  • Dead Girls Don T Lie Analysis

    Friendship is a relationship between two people based on many different factors. A true friendship is built on accountability and trust. Sometimes, children grow up together and know each other for a long time, while other relationships are relatively newer and have only been around for a short period of time. In the novel Dead Girls Don’t Lie, Jennifer Shaw Wolf creates an accurate illustration of both friendships based on how long they’ve been around. The longer one has been acquainted, the…

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  • Example Of Realism In 'Eveline's Visitant And' The Dead?

    “Eveline’s Visitant” by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and “The Dead” by James Joyce are both short stories that show strong examples of a “haunting”. A haunting is something or someone from a past time that reoccurs in appearance or in thought, usually bad or regrettable. Although both stories represent a haunting throughout the story, each author efficiently portrays two separate types of a haunting: one being a ghost, and one being a past. Braddon’s short story “Eveline’s Visitant” tells a tale of…

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  • Analysis Of Poor Little Dead Girls By Lizzie Friend

    The cover for ‘Poor little Dead Girls’ by Lizzie Friend does not accurately show the major theme that sometimes you need to let people help you to be able to do things better. The theme isn't represented on the original cover because the words are the design of the most important parts book than what it's about. In the novel we see the theme communicated on page 216 “We happen to know a little about what's it like to not have complete control over your life, but we know a lot more how to handle…

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  • Response To The Modern Play 'The Shape Of A Girl'

    Alicia Jane Parsons 4.1 Personal Response Essay: Final Draft In the process of finding oneself, we become swarmed with options and choices. The influences of others can play a role in the actions we take and decisions we make, foreshadowing pieces of our future selves. It is important to understand the impact others have on who we become and why it has such impact. Only then can we begin to understand ourselves and others, as well as the ability of one person to change the outcome for another.…

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  • The Importance Of Personality In James Joyce's A Little Cloud

    Throughout his short story “A Little Cloud,” James Joyce considers the ramifications of remaining sedentary in Dublin through his characters Little Chandler and Ignatius Gallaher. That Little Chandler and Gallaher seem so antithetical, despite their proximity and similar upbringings, invites the reader to question whether Joyce intends to insinuate that success is only possible outside of Dublin, and that ambition and Celtic nationalism are incongruous. Having left Ireland at twenty years old,…

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